Judith honors mother with hard work 

Judith, Litlema Khasiala.JPG

Hi, my name is Judith and without your support, I wouldn't be in school. I am fifteen years old with a single mother. I love my mother so much for what she has done for me since I was a kid. She works so hard, doing laundry in peoples houses to raise money for food together with other casual labor.

I remember very well, I was in class seven when my father's job ended. And when he came to our rural home from Nairobi, we were not at peace at all. He brought frustration and quarrel to an extent one day he threw an iron sheet at my mother. That’s when their marriage ended. We went to live with my grandmother together with my other 3 siblings because my mom was unable to take care of us due to financial burden.

I tried really hard to excel in class 8, but though I passed my KCPE exam, I was totally confused what I was going to do since my mother was jobless and high school was expensive.
My mom moved to Nairobi to try and look for any job and by luck, she heard of KEF's scholarship. I was indeed lucky to be among the shortlisted students and in my heart I promised to work extra hard if I got the scholarship. Though school has its own challenges, I feel my KEF scholarship is a constant reminder for me to ignore the challenges and work on maintaining my grades.
I thank KEF for the support you have given me. If it weren't for you, I would have stopped learning at the primary level and am not sure what I would be doing right now. I want to be a lawyer to help those that don’t get justice. Through my career, I will be able to help those others kids in need.
My three other siblings are in primary school and being the eldest, I have to set a good example. Just the way my mom never gave up, I will keep working hard as well to achieve my dreams.
I thank you for supporting me and giving me a chance to get an education. It's my prayer that God enables you to keep helping children like me who are in dire need of help. I will work extra hard to keep improving my grades and achieve my goal and eventually make you very proud. Thank you so much.

Farida with KEF staff Geoffrey at C.R.E.W. Workshop