KEF scholar gives back


Farida hasn't had it easy. Her parents passed away when she was a child. Several of her siblings were discovered to be HIV+ and school funds were hard to come by.

But Farida had academic promise, drive and a giving spirit. KEF gave her a four year scholarship to high school. Last year, she graduated having successfully passed her national exams. Unfortunately, misfortune struck once more. 

"When I just completed my high school, my brother got cerebral malaria which turned to a sort of madness. With this condition, I had to come in to his school so to try and protect him," Farida told us.

Farida went to live at her brother's primary school so she could provide him with full time care. The school was so impressed with Farida, they offered her a job as matron. In addition to caring for her brother, Farida now takes any student who falls ill to the nearby clinic, staying with them until they recover. It is no surprise that someday Farida hopes to become a teacher. 

Although her salary is not much, Farida contributes to keeping her little sister in school. Recently, she donated sanitary products to her former high school's welfare pantry. 

"This was to help less fortunate girls just as I had been before," Farida said.

This summer, Farida was admitted to Cooperative University College of Kenya to study Disaster Management. We are thrilled that she will be able to attend due to her receiving a one year KEF Bridge Scholarship to assist in her transition to higher education.

We hope Farida's example inspires you to face hardships with courage and to never underestimate your ability to help others. 
You, our generous supporters, gave Farida an opportunity.

Now, she is reaching back to help lift others up. 

Farida with KEF staff Geoffrey at C.R.E.W. Workshop

Farida with KEF staff Geoffrey at C.R.E.W. Workshop