Mother's Day

"The natural state of motherhood is unselfishness." Jessica Lange

Beth, is exactly that. Bringing up her two children has been a struggle. As an asthmatic living in a very cold area in the Aberdare mountain range, Beth has had to work selflessly as a ‘mama mboga’ (produce seller) and casual laborer to support her children.
In 2018, KEF awarded Beth's bright daughter, Benitah, a 4-year KEF boarding scholarship to Limuru Girls' School, which was very far from where the family lived.  So as any good mother would do, Beth moved to work in Thika - a town very close to Benitah's new school - just so that she can be closer to her daughter.

                                                  (Benitah with her mum Beth)

                                                  (Benitah with her mum Beth)

Like Lance Conrad said, "There is no heroism greater than motherhood."
We celebrate you, mama Benitah, and all the special mothers in the KEF family of students, staff, supporters and partners.

Happy Mother's Day!